Way Too Close To Home!!

Wednesday was a pretty rough day here in East Tennessee. We got home around 4pm after taking Ed to Atlanta to get his new truck.  It seemed like the bad weather just followed us home.   The TV weather guys had us on the edge of our seats.  I managed to get dinner on the table and the weather guys said for those living in the Tellico Plains area to take cover!  Oh no!  That’s us, NO WAY!!  We went to the bathroom, but never heard the freight train coming, so Chuck said we must not be in the path.  We did lose power right after that and we were without power or phones for over 24hrs.  We went into town on thursday morning to grab some hot breakfast, and stop by our neighbors business for the latest updates, he and his wife are “first responders”.  They told us that a toronado just passed behind the church just up the road from our house!! That’s less than quarter of a mile away.  We had heard on the portable radio that a home was blown across the highway just north of town, so we headed over there for some pictures.  This poor young couple lost everything.  After seeing all the devastation just south of us I can say we were truely blessed.

Here are a few shots I took of the destroyed trailer home that was blown across the highway, and some topped and broken trees from around the countryside.

You can see the twisted steel frame of  the trailer in the rubble. 

This is where the trailer was sitting!

This downed tree closed the main highway to our house for half the day.  So we had to take the back road, which is actually a shortcut to our house and we saw many downed trees. This cedar being the most spectacular, it was huge and very old.

By yesterday afternoon this tree was all gone, only a stump remained.   Chuck was hopeing to go and get some bowl turning wood, but it looks like the sawmill got it first.

A friend did call us with two trees down in their yard, a cherry and a hackberry, so we will head over there today to get Chuck some turning wood.

I hope I didn’t bore you with all the pictures.  See ya tomorrow for Sunday Stills.


11 Responses to “Way Too Close To Home!!”

  1. Like ya said way too close, glad to hear you are o.k. 🙂

  2. I’m glad it missed you……scary!

  3. So glad you guys were safe. We left TN on Tuesday am and our route home took us down 59 and 65 in Alabama right through some of the areas that were hit so badly. Glad we heeded the uneasy feeling I had when we got up Tuesday morning.

  4. Kim Robbins Says:

    Wow. So happy you all are safe. Scary…

  5. Oh, no! Glad you are safe! Isn’t it scary!

  6. Not boring at all. Boring would have actually been a good thing…at least for the folks in the trailer. Glad you all were safe.

  7. Wow. Such devastation on that poor little trailer. I’m kind of glad to see that the old barn wasn’t destroyed, too. You were very lucky indeed.
    People are very quick to clean up in your area, sounds like. That’s a good thing.


  8. Glad you are all OK, sorry to see the couple’s home destroyed. We are currently surrounded by hundreds of thousands of burning acres in west Texas, ever vigilant in case we need to flee. We’ve been offered a barn in central Tennessee that can house our animals if it comes to that. It seems no where is safe from disaster these days!

  9. I was almost over your way on Tuesday as I drove north through Memphis and into Nashville on to Ohio. It was pretty scary! Glad you are ok.


  10. So close! I’m glad you are safe, but I feel for the family who lost their home. Tellico Plains being such a nice place, I’m sure the community will rally to help them out.

  11. glad you are safe! so sorry the couple lost their home. The large cedar looks like it has beautiful wood.

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