Sunday Stills Challenge – 4 Points

Ed’s challenge this week…”Find and interesting or not so interesting place and stand and take pics of the 4 points of the compass. North,South,East and west. The point of this challenge is that we have a tendency to only look in one direction when taking pics. for instance photographing a sunset you rarely look behind you to see the setting sun light up a barn or hillside ot beside you to notice the shadows created by the trees or other objects.”

I didn’t get quite so poetic with my photography this week.Β  I was out in our yard with Chuck while he was tilling our veggie garden, so I thought I’d just do the “4 points” from this spot.Β  Not too exciting I’m afraid.

Thanks for visiting our yard in the countryside of beautiful E. Tennessee. πŸ™‚


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – 4 Points”

  1. I think you did just fine Dibear! You have a lovely spot there to call home.

  2. Plenty exciting from my point of view. lol you have green and you have flowers! Lovely!

  3. Yours at least has some flowers and green in it. You did great;)

  4. The beautiful rolling hills…absolutely gorgeous…what a great place to live! I love the pink flowing tree…fruit?

  5. Very nice, I’m happy to be home for awhile..:-))

  6. I LOVE old barns! I think your pictures turned out great. I think our own pictures aren’t exciting to us because we see it everyday, but other people like them because it’s new. Your place looks very nice. πŸ™‚

    Oh and yep there are a bunch of fish in the ponds on my lease land. It’s full of Bass and Bream. Oh and tons of minnows. πŸ™‚

  7. Did Chuck till all that land? The next thing is for Ed to plant something.

  8. I forgot to change the url of my last comment.

    When Ed says he’s home, does he mean home with you?

  9. What a nice place you have, great shots and love the rolling hills.

  10. Great job on the pics! Beautiful area. I love open space, anything not filled with ticky-tacky house’s or McMansions looks great to me!!

  11. It is just beautiful! I like this challenge as so many of us did photos right around where we live!

  12. I thought they were great shots, I love seeing photos from you that show your home area it is so pretty. I can’t believe all that green grass and Blossoms….don’t I wish.

  13. Boy, you all are green and springy too :-D.

  14. All 4 views from your yard look lovely. You live in a beautiful location.


  15. Very pretty indeed! Are you getting your garden planted yet? we still have at least 2-3 weeks before we can put anything in the ground, as we still get frost at night.

  16. I love the barn view, and your flowering tree is gorgeous! Everything is just starting to leaf up here!

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