Sunday Stills Challenge – Camera and Gear

Ed’s challenge this week is to show off our photography equipment, camera and gear.  Not too difficult.

This first shot is the camera I began doing my blog with, a Fuji FinePix  E510.  It’s a fossil by today’s standards. This old gal has a memory card that had to be removed from the camera and inserted into a device that I plugged into my computer so I could download my pictures.

 After I began blogging and doing Ed’s challenges I got to see other bloggers cameras, and soon fell in love with Lisa’s over at Laughing Orca Ranch.  I talked about it for months.  Well, Ed surprised me with a Canon Powershot SX120 with a 10x zoom for Mother’s Day.  Now I hoped to be able to take better macro shots for Macro Monday.  My new camera went with me everywhere.  Here it is….

And I now have another sweet little camera willed to me by Ed when he got a newer one,  a Canon PowerShot SD780IS with 3x zoom.  I call this one my little “stealth” camera because I can carry it in my purse or in my pocket for those neat candid pictures. It’s actually smaller than my cell phone!  Here it is mounted on my GorillaPod, also given to me by Ed.

I have Ed to thank for all this cool equipment, and his encouragement to start up my blog.  Thanks Ed, I’ve had many hours of pleasure with my cameras. 🙂


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Camera and Gear”

  1. Nice cameras! I love your little GorillaPod too.

  2. How wonderful when our kids think about us! My daughter passes her cameras down to me when she upgrades, that’s how I acquired my canon Rebel XT!

  3. that last photo is so cute lol, it’s like he’s playing in your garden!
    nice selecion of cameras

  4. That a sweet little boy, giving you that Canon PowerShot SD780IS with 3x zoom.

    The cute stand, I think I need that, I was told to use a stand to take night photos. I haven’t got a stand. When Ed gives you a new camera, and you don’t need this one, may I have it?

  5. Ed’s done a lot to encourage a LOT of people :-).

  6. The gorilla pod is such a great idea. Maybe some day I’ll add that to my Christmas wish list!

  7. You are more than welcome, great set ups for the pics..:-))

  8. Dianne didn’t show her very first camera… I have it now and use it on my website photos… also an off-caster from Ed… it’s a Fuji Finepix S5200… great camera for me.

  9. I love my Canon Powershot. Now ready for the next one, but so confusing as to what to get…
    I’ll have to post my thoughts on the blog, and see what suggestions I get.

  10. I’d love to have a gorillapod. Your Canon is similar to mine.

  11. Regular Guy Says:

    Ed has encouraged more than just you, great set of pictures. Love the story behind them.

  12. Great post, the last shot is my favorite.

  13. Oooooo, I love the little legs for the camera! That is waay cool!
    Just tickled me to see that!


  14. Great post! Love the camera garden pics.

  15. Awwwww, such a sweet post. Ed is one terrific guy for sure and an even better son. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the Canon PowerShot. I love mine still and would not hesitate to buy another one.
    But I must say that I think I am having Gorilla Pod envy. That thing is so cute and useful, too.
    I’m finding that I never use the Manfrotto Monopod because I tend to take quick shots and the monopod is large, bulky and complicated for me to set up, and by that time, the special photo moment is over. I also can’t get my little camera mounted on the monopod without it wiggling around. Not sure if it’s me or if the monopod is overkill for my little camera.
    I may have to put a gorilla pod on my birthday list this summer. hehe!


  16. I think having a tiny one like you have is a good idea…and I want one of those gorilla thingys too!

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