Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Blue

An easy challenge this week, but I’ve only a few shots to share.  Ed stipulated no archives so I was able to get a few pictures when we left the house this week. 

An old blue tractor that was posted for sale in town.

A really neat truck tailgate I saw in town.

A figurine from the CowParade entitled “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”.  A gift from my daughter when we moved to Tennessee from Texas.

A blue sapphire ring, a copy of Princess Diana’s, soon to belong to Kate Middleton, Prince Williams intended.

I had lots of ideas for some still life “blue” shots, but just wasn’t up to it this week.  I hope you all are having a good week. 🙂


20 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Color Blue”

  1. The back of that truck is something! Nice shots.


    Are there many kinds of delphinium?

    were you thinking of buying Ed a new toy? I am sure he would like that, and he would have the whole field, and not be confined to his truck. LOL

  3. Very cool shots, especially the screen grab of the ring..:-)

  4. I just love that tailgate! I wonder where he got it done? I hope the weather improves so we can all get outside more!

  5. Perfect! Love the tailgate

  6. Regular Guy Says:

    Nice shots, love that tailgate.

  7. I’m loving that tailgate! The ring photo is really striking.

  8. Great job. Love the tailgate and the ring especially.

  9. Great shots….I’d wear that ring even on my ugly hand 😉 We have a tractor just like that one……’s in the retirement shed though most of the time.

  10. Great shot of the ring…nicely done macro! I love the tailgate…very unique.

  11. Great looking tailgate..very fancy! I would like to have that tractor to move snow:)

  12. Beautiful shot of the tailgate, my finace drooled over the tractor, naturally…

  13. Blue tractor and the blue cow are my faves! But the tailgate is pretty cool regardless!

  14. I really like that blue tractor, and the tailgate is way cool (except the puffing steam from all four horses kind of annoys me for some reason. lol!), but the blue cow fits my week and is rather cute. 🙂


  15. Love the blue tractor! I do have a photo of a blue tractor from the horse farm, but i tried to take some new photos and not use any archives.


  16. Really enjoy your photos and will be back to visit again soon!

  17. Nice shots! That tailgate is something else.

  18. lovely photos, are you still not feeling well?

  19. Somehow I missed you blue SS. Very nice!

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