Sunday Stills – Canine Companions

I don’t have pictures of all the “canines” that have touched my heart over the years, but I do have one from the past, and the rest are fairly current.

This first picture is of the family dog, Charro.  I kids found her as a puppy in a Ponderosa Steakhouse parking lot one night while we were having dinner.  She was so happy her little fanny wouldn’t stop wagging, therefore the name…Charro!  She was a member of the family for 14 years.

The next two dogs are my “granddogs”, Jackson and Saidee Jane.

This is Maggie Mae and our “foster dog” Iggy.  He was with us about a year. He was the dreaded neighborhood pitbull, he hated cats, and other boy dogs.  But, he loved me and Maggie.

Bella says “Maggie! Have you been playing in cow poop again?”

Maggie Mae in her rocker-bed.  She sleeps here every night.

And, one final shot of sweet Maggie Mae.

Spring has sprung here in East Tennessee. The temp was 80degrees yesterday, missed a record by 1degree!  I’ve had my windows open for two days, let the allergies begin!! LOL   Have a super week.


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Canine Companions”

  1. Awww….I am so tickled by this challenge. I just love dogs and your wonderful pictures gave me a great big happy grin! Great job!

  2. not really keen about dogs, but interest which kid is Ed.

    In Singapore, ordinary apartment blocks, residents are not allowed to keep dogs other than a toy dog.

  3. Great shots, I miss Iggy and Charo from the first pic, i can’t believe I was ever that young..;-))

  4. P.S. Ann, I’m the one with the black baby….. Not!…:-))

  5. They are so cute! I love Maggie’s adorable little tail. 🙂

  6. Nice pics. They all look so happy…must have something to do with their human.

  7. Aw, cute. Love the one with the kids!


  8. What wonderful dogs of the past and of the present! Maggie Mae has the most content looking expression especially in her rocker.

  9. The pictures are great! The stories are even better, especially Charro’s story. What a cutie. And wow! Is that tow-headed boy, your Ed?
    Maggie Mae is such a beauty and you can tell that she is a sweet girl, too.


  10. Lovely dogs. Love the last photo. I can never pick up the camera without the dog coming over to check it out.

  11. 80 degrees?!? I’ll take 60 please…actually, I’ll take 50!!!

    Love your Charro photo…how sweet. Maggie in the rocker is classic!

  12. A nice group shot. Which one is Ed? Love the rocker picture :-).

  13. Drool on the 80 degrees…we’re supposed to get a fresh half foot of snow tomorrow! I love the one of Miss Jane, one ear tracking…what, one wonders?

  14. aww such beautiful pups

  15. Maggie May and her rocker, love it! Great Charro story, bet you have many fond memories.

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