Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter ‘P’

This weeks challenge from Ed is;  “So anything that starts with the letter “P” this week, including people, places and things..”  He gave us a break this week and went easy on us.

I took lots of pictures this week, but here are the ones I settled on.

My painting palette knives.

Some of my acrylic paints.

The painting  I did in acrylics with palette knives during a workshop this week.

Pepper Placemats.

Kokopelli Pillows.


I hope you enjoyed my ‘P’ selections this week.  This was a good week, as I finally got over the creeping crud! I can’t believe that stuff hung around for 3 weeks!!    I hope you all are doing well and not fighting any ‘bugs’. 🙂


21 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter ‘P’”

  1. Your painting looks amazing… and I love your first shot 🙂

  2. Your painting “equipment” looks so new, you broke the stereotyping of artists,

  3. Love all your “P” shots, Dianne…especially your painting! It’s lovely!

  4. Great shots! The pallet knives and Pots are fantactic macro shots..:-))

  5. You sure have a lot of “P” things at your house! Excellent! I also love the pallet knives (and they are so clean).

  6. Great P’s and so many.

  7. WoW! Great “P”s! I also like the pallet knives!


  8. Hey! Your pepper placemats were finally the star of your photo instead of the backdrop. I’ll bet they were pleased. Hee hee. I see you enjoy painting. I did many years ago, but then paused every time I thought about the clean up involved. I think if my end products were as good as yours I would have been more motivated.

  9. Very nice pictures.

  10. Ooh, really nice! Love your paints and painting.

  11. The last three photos make me feel right at home. But that first photo is my favorite for it’s beautiful artistic quality. It even looks like a painting.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. This creeping crud is creeping through our household. First me, then Jen, then Jax, now John…..Jem is the only one left. Poor guy. 😦


  12. I did not know you were a painter. Beautiful!

  13. My painting supplies are a mess compared to yours!
    You have a great selection of P’s:)

  14. YOU are SO talented! I love the Pink in your header too 😉

  15. Your Ps totally rock. I love the one of your paints but all of them are lovely and I’m so jealous of someone that can “P”aint!

  16. I really love the reflections on your painting tools…it’s a great shot Diane, nicely conposed!!

  17. I really love the reflections on your painting tools…it’s a great shot Diane, nicely composed!!

  18. Well done- that first shot is a nice blend of sharp lines and soft colors. Your painting looks like a Tellico scene, and I love that red placemat.

  19. Great job and glad to hear you are feeling better.

  20. Everyone here enjoyed your return to painting. Keep up the effort, you always had talent and I’m glad you’re putting it to work again. I have kept a few of your things. Remember thr “West Side Story” programs? Enjoyed your P challenge pictures.

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