Sunday Stills Challenge – Old Churches & Graveyards

Ed’s challenge for us this week was meant to get us outdoors, and not use our archives.  I was able to get a few shots this week, but I have to confess, I’ve used some of my archived shots taken in Cades Cove, Smoky Mountains, Tn.

Have a nice week everyone. 🙂


18 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Old Churches & Graveyards”

  1. Beautiful old churches, we may have to take a day trip back there soon..:-)

  2. Those darn NC Rebels… Nice shots!

  3. I love how they worked so hard to level out that little church on the slope. I hope the ground hasn’t shifted much since it was built. The etchings on the gravestones are interesting too.

  4. Those gravestones are really neat! That first church is very cute!

  5. Very nice to see such history! Isn’t this near where Ed saw the ghost?

  6. I love that simple architecture. Nice shots.

  7. I like the two old gravestones. I like to wander in graveyards and read the tombstones and pray for the souls long forgotten.

  8. Don’t you just love the information that many put on those headstones? Very nice shots and lovely plain churches (my fave).

  9. This church reminds of the church I went to as a kid. I love country churches.

  10. Wonderful pictures, lovely old churches.

  11. OMG…William Hamby…that’s the oldest headstone I’ve ever seen…awesome! I love the simplicity of the first church…just what I would expect to see in your part of the country. Great shots Diane!

  12. Great shots, looks like a nice place to visit.

  13. Isn’t wandering around old graveyards an educational and enjoyable endeavor? I like to do it often. The first photo really appeals to me. Your composition is perfect.


  14. Love the lighting on the first photo! Interesting markers.

  15. Great series of photos..our graves are new compared to yours, our area wasn’t settled till the 1880’s.:)

  16. these photos have emotion & they were captured beautifully

  17. Hi Dianne, I love the old churches at Cades Cove… I got an email from a relative of the Hamby you showed. He was one of Cades Cove earliest settlers –and married an Indian woman… Quite interesting…

    Hope you are enjoying this ‘early’ spring.

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