Sunday Stills Challenge – Spring Preview

Ed’s challenge this week is ; ” lets dig into the archives for this week and lets see some color from previous springs and summers to warm us up a bit, more color and warmth the better.”

Well, I went the floral route.  I didn’t realize just how many flower pictures I’ve taken over the last five years.  Here are my choices for this challenge.

Asiatic Lily


Cherry Blossoms




Texan Bluebonnets & Indian Paintbrush

We have a beautiful warm week ahead.  Happy Valentine’s everyone.


15 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Spring Preview”

  1. Beautiful shots..:-)

  2. Nice! Love the cherry blossoms. I am sure they don’t grow like that up here. Love your wordless Wednesday below too. lol

  3. Woowee, how beautiful…all!

  4. Wow! My cherry blossoms don’t bloom as full as your cherry blossoms. I like the way one lily is slightly closer to the lens than the other lily in that top photo.

  5. Wow, the blue bonnets are gorgeous.

  6. love the cherry blossom.

  7. Nice color. Pretty pretty flowers.

  8. Beautiful, and you have a nice valentines day also!

  9. Oh my goodness! Such beautiful flowers and perfect photos, too!


  10. I love the lily, I have a similar one.

  11. Just beautiful! A very cheering post- thanks!

  12. Aurora Williamson Says:

    I can almost smell these ~ nice shots!

  13. Love the last one, very nice colors. Your dogwoods are way ahead of ours.

  14. Lovely. I’m hoping to see some bulbs poking up soon.

  15. beautiful flowers and shots! I love the lily!

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