Sunday Stills Challenge – Emotions

Ed’s challenge for us this week; “This weeks challenge is to post pics that will cause an emotion in the person who checks out your blog, not your emotion.  Any emotion will do, this will be a fun challenge and try not to use archives, but they will work in a pinch.”

My pictures this week are from my archives because I had eye surgery earlier this week and really didn’t feel much like playing with my camera. Hopefully my vision will be back to normal soon.

So, here are a few pictures that I felt would draw on your emotions….enjoy.

And, finally I hope this doesn’t gross you out too much…

The eye looks much better today, this shot was taken the day after surgery.  I know, it’s yucky.

Now for something much more pleasant, that old ground hog didn’t see his shadow, so we are supposed to have an early Spring!!  I know I’m ready, I’ve had more than enough cold and high electric bills. 

Now, I’m off to fix Ed a yummy breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits, with home fries and scrambled eggs.


13 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Emotions”

  1. Love the first shot, its so serene, the last one, welll….. It looks soooo much better now. I’m on my way into the house for mom’s great breakfast and a cup of tea..:-))

  2. The first two shots are amazing! 🙂

    Ohh!! That eye looks painful 😦

    • Aw, differing emotions for sure. Dianne…is that YOUR eye or hubby’s? Whichever, it looks like someone had cararact surgery. I hope all is going well for both of you. We have about 15″ of snow on the level but lots more where it drifts. It took hubby 3-days to “open” us up. Me? I stayed inside, kept the coffee hot, made a pot of turkey soup and baked French bread in the bread machine.

  3. I’m glad the eye surgery is behind you. Here’s wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Lovely flower photos especially, makes me yearn for springtime.

  4. Great shots (well I scrolled really fast past the eye lol)!

  5. Ooooo! Your poor eye. Makes me hurt for you. Heal soon.

    All your photos are wonderful. The first couple landscapes feel so moody. I love the one of your beautiful girl in the snow. Perfect rule of thirds, too.

    The last two flower photos are lovely, but make me want to sneeze. lol!


  6. for some reason, I love fog, and the look that fog gives. I hope your eye heals fast. Tell Ed to make you breakfast! lol My hubby makes me breakfast every Sunday morning, ever since we had our 3rd baby, years ago, and I had 3 kids under 5 to get ready for church. The “tradition” stayed around! Lovely flower shots. Can’t wait for summer!

  7. Very nice. Ouch that eye looks sore, hope it heals up fast.

  8. Great choices of your photos. The wildflowers evoke spring and rebirth!

    Hope your eye surgery heals fast!

  9. I love the serene mist coming off the water. Your eye looks ouchy but it’s amazing what a little surgery will do to improve things for you.

  10. I hope your eye feels better than it looks, Ouch ! your other pictures are beautiful.

  11. Love the sky and dog shots! Hope you are well on your way to being healed.

  12. Sympathy on the last shot! The flowers and blossoms made me happy.

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