Sunday Stills Challenge – Circles

Ed’s challenge for us this week was “Circles”.   Ed’s going easy on us this week, as there are “circles” everywhere!  Here are my selections for this week, pretty self explanatory.

Whew!!! That was alot of pictures!  And I still took more, but figured this was more than enough. 🙂


23 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Circles”

  1. i like the wine holder photo & are those fruit loops? yumm

  2. You have bananas for breakfast? I often have them too.

  3. Neat circles, Dianne! My fav is the one with the cookie cutters.

  4. Excellent photos and very interesting ideas. I was late to this one, because I just couldn’t seem to find any interesting circles. Yours are much better.

  5. Mmmmm cheerios and bananas!! Yum! Great pictures!

  6. You are too clever! Now I think I need to eat a banana.

  7. Great shots, love the bannannas and cheerios..:-)

  8. Haha! I sliced my bananas in circles, too and I always have them in my cereal!

  9. Great circle pictures, Dianne.. Sometimes we don’t realize just how many circles are all around us, do we?????


  10. You got some good selections there! Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a great collection.

  12. You make it look so simple. I missed “seeing” stuff like that. 🙂

  13. you put wine bottles in your rack, mine was empty! lol
    I loved the wood, and the car cover!

  14. These are all terrific!

    The cheerios and bananas are my favorites. But I had to giggle when I saw that green creature peeking at the wine. 😀


  15. Oh, I think I just ate a handful of that cereal. LOL

  16. Oooo. Wine bottles!

    Fantastic collection.

  17. That was very creative. Those bananas look so fresh and firm… yummy.

  18. They’re all great….unusual too!

  19. Great pics! I love the compass shot.

  20. Did you have a little wine with your breakfast? I love bananas on my cereal.

  21. tina marie Says:

    Glad you are OK…..GERD stinks…. and Yes….it is so much fun… We are getting slammed with snow today……

  22. Nice selection, Dianne. I find circles to be magical things. They are compact & efficient: protozoa and other of our one-celled relatives will encompass themselves in spheres when threatened. Circles can be gateways into places that our minds imagine. Enough of that – good job!

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