Sunday Stills Challenge – Macro

Ed’s challenge this week was to do macro shots.  He took pity on those of us who were snow bound and just suggested doing shots around the “homestead”.  So here goes.

Just think, Spring is only about 60 days away! It will be here in no time, and we’ll be taking pictures of tulips and gardens. 🙂


19 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Macro”

  1. Love every shot, and now you have made me hungry!

  2. I tried to get macro shots of food but didn’t manage to get any good ones. Your chili looks delicious! Great shots!

  3. Mmmm! I love the turquoise and you chose a perfect background, too!
    The bean soup made me smile, because it reminded me of Spidey 🙂


  4. Gorgeous cross necklace…the background really sets it off…that one’s my fav! Fun challenge…oh, I’ll take a bowl of that yummy looking chili!

  5. Great shots, I don’t have a favorite they were all good. Was that last one the same bowl Spidey was playing in?

  6. I love the contrasting colors in the first one, and **ahem** isn’t there something missing in that last shot? ;0)

  7. Love the first shot, beautiful and the last shot makes me wish I was having lunch with you.

  8. The cool blue cross against the red hot peppers is a nice touch.

  9. Very nice……..I think I know what’s for lunch tomorrow too 😉

  10. That chili is just not the same without Spidey ;-).

  11. love the turquoise necklace. The lizard and face sculpture made me laugh.

  12. nice shots diane

  13. That mask is fantastic!! Hope you are staying warm!

  14. The Turquoise necklace is stunning:)

  15. LOL!!! Spidey only made it to my bowl.. great shots the necklace really pops..:-)

  16. The first pic stands out! Well done Di 🙂

  17. I have to agree, I love the first one!

  18. I love ’em all, Dianne. Ah, the beans look yummy! Who ate Spidey?

  19. Excellent shots!!

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