Sunday Stills Challenge – Your Best Shots

Ed’s first challenge of 2011 is for us to pick our best shots from 2010.  Of course I think of this from an artists view and look for the best color, composition etc.  It is difficult to judge your own work, but here goes….

This shot was of Bald River Falls during the Big Freeze in January 2010.

Early morning shot along Belltown Road in my community. I am always in awe of our beautiful landscape.

Wild dogwoods and wisteria.  Chuck says I need to paint this one!

Christmas Day 2010 in our backyard.

And, I just had to include this shot of Bella breaking in a Christmas gift we received from Chuck’s sister.  Too cute!

Happy New Years everyone…looks like we are off and running with a new year of Sunday Challenge. Thanks Ed.


17 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Your Best Shots”

  1. I also am in awe of your landscape you live in a very beautiful place. I think Chuck is right you should paint the Dogwoods and Wisteria it’s very pretty.

  2. Awesome shots…especially the first w/the frozen water fall…really cool (literally I bet!) and the dogwood…my fav flowering tree!

    Happy New Year Diane…many blessings to you and yours~

  3. The mountain shot is my favorite, but the waterfall is a close second.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Great shots, especially the frozen BRF..:-))

  5. Wonderful choices all! That first photo makes me shiver when I look at it. From an artistic point of view it portrays emotion (shock and awe) and feeling (cold and a healthy dose of respect). I really like it.

    And Chuck is right about the dogwoods and wisteria. I hope you will paint it and share the finished painting here. 🙂

    And you should share more photos of your backyard. It’s lovely, especially snow covered.

    And Bella, well she is truly Bella! Beautiful! Are those ‘chile peppers’ I see her laying on? No wonder she thinks they are comfy….they are known to be hot, hot hot! Perfect for a cold winter day.

    lol! 😀

    Nicely done,

    Happy New Year from New Mexico!


  6. They are all beautiful Dianne. Love the Bella shot- such a cat!

  7. I love the contrast of the frozen falls and cozy kitty.

  8. Please go back to Bald River Falls and see if it is more frozen this year.

    Happy New Year.

  9. All of the pictures are fabulous but I have to say that I just love that first one!

  10. Happy New Year Diane. Great shots…..I like the frozen waterfall and the “smoky” lokoing mountian shot.

  11. My vote is for the dogwoods (and you should paint them!) as the others make me too cold looking at them! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  12. The falls look very cold. Nice choices for the year. Happy New Year.

  13. It’s nice to be back. Avo has been gone a year now. The photo is of Orville, also an Ameraucana rooster, that came to me in 2010 from some local friends who didn’t want a rooster. He’s a very fine rooster, but he’s actually interested in hens, not sheep!

  14. Gorgeous photos! Love the water fall.


  15. all so beautiful! Love the early morning fog! The fozen falls is breathtaking and snow on the pines is so pretty!
    Happy New Year!

  16. Excellent shots! You did a great job selecting them. And you should paint the dogwoods.

  17. Love your dogwoods

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