Sunday Stills Challenge – Pets

Ed was easy on us this week…our challenge is “Pets”.  I have a dog and a cat who bring much happiness to my life.  All I have to do is feed them and they give me so much love and pleasure.

This is Maggie Mae.   Rescued from along a country road as a baby girl.  The vet gave her December 31st as her birthday, and she will be 3yrs old this year.  She loves the outdoors, and her favorite thing to do is hunt and roll in cow poop!!

 Here is Bella, our sweet kitty.  She was a “barn” kitten we got the summer of “09.  She has turned into a big, beautiful girl.  She loves to cuddle with hubby and I every night.

The following cuties are of my grand-dogs and grand-kitty.  Saidee, Smokey and Jackson.

And, this is Cooper. He is a Yorky, a beautiful dog.  I have wanted one of these dogs for years, but they are more than my pocketbook can afford.  A Shitzou runs a very close second.

Now, I’m off to see all of my bloggers friends pets. 🙂


10 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Pets”

  1. Maggie is my girl, Cooper is just too cool, even if he is a pocket/lap doggie..:-)

  2. I just love Maggie Mae, and Bella is so pretty. I can easily see how content and well taken care of they are. Wonderful pics.
    And you’re right, I don’t think there is anything in life that we can own or take care of that gives us such a high return of pleasure and love for just the small amount of food and care we put in, as much as a beloved, special dog.


  3. Great shot Diane….Jackson’s my favorite.

  4. Don’t you just love how you buy a nice dog bed — and it’s your chair that they take over?

    Love your furry family members.

  5. Looks like they have it good.

  6. I’m betting those are some spoiled animals. They all look great, nice pictures.

  7. I really enjoyed these photos Dianne. Saidee made me smile, such a laid back look!

  8. Aw…they are all so sweet and contented looking. Great job, I just loved this challenge!

  9. Excellent pics! They are all cuties.

  10. they are all adorable! Good for you for rescuing Maggie.

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