Sunday Stills Challenge – Hi Tech / Lo Tech

Ed’s challenge – “The picture must contain one old school item next to a new high tech item,”  Both in the same shot!  That is a tough one.

The Sony is an old camera that belonged to our son Jason back in the 90’s, and the Canon is my camera that I got from Ed on Mother’s Day.  I used Chuck’s camera to take the picture.

I think this is so cool, a wireless reader!  I love to read and it’s getting harder everyday for my old eyes to read the print in paperbacks, and I have a library full of them.  The wireless reader allows for several different text sizes, and it even has it’s own light so I can read in bed and not keep Chuck awake.  I love this new high tech idea.

Before the CD we had the cassette tape.  The above shot is my old Squirrel Nut Zippers cassette, and my more updated CD of the same group.

And, finally I give you the old low tech VHS tape, and the hi tech DVD.  Gosh, what to do with all those “old” VHS tapes!  I took mine to the used bookstore.

I want to wish all of my dear followers a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Eat lots of turkey and stuffing.  Oh, and don’t forget that pumpkin pie.


14 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Hi Tech / Lo Tech”

  1. Well done! This was an interesting challenge and folks have done wonderful things with it.

  2. LOVE IT!! You nailed this challenge hands down, great shots..:-)

  3. I have lots of kid’s movies on those old tapes. I hope we still have a working tape player!

  4. thanks for the reply to my post, but I just re-did my post to add a few other items, since I missed the paper and pencil I was suppose to put by the computer! lol

    I’m suppose to be going out to feed horses now. Coffee cup is almost empty! lol

    You’ll have to send me your email addy again as I can’t reply to your comment on my blog. thanks!

  5. Nice job! Love the cassettes.

  6. Love these! I was going to do one with my old records and some CDs, but didn’t get motivated to dig out all my old records from storage. lol!
    Squirrel Nut Zippers??? Unusual name! What kind of music do they play?


    ps You asked about the breadmaker on my blog……Yes, I did tote that bulky breadmaker out to the horno. I took that photo at the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, so I had to ask for permission to take photos first. It wouldn’t have ben easy to sneak in a breadmaker. lol!


  7. You did SO well. I’d love to talk to you about your reader……I’m thinking seriously about getting one too.

  8. So many good ideas and struggled to get a decent one. Well done!

  9. Great selections! So far no one has done the LPs or 45’s..I was tempted:)

  10. Well done! You definitely got the challenge right.

  11. Excellent post you did well. I think you did more than rise to the challenge, loved em all but I really like your wireless reader. I think I should get one of those.

  12. very nice like em

  13. Great collections!!! and amazing. I loved them all 🙂

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