Sunday Stills Challenge – Coffee & Tea Cups

Ed’s challenge:  “Everyone enjoys a good cup of Joe or Tea in the morning, so what is your favorite mug or cup?   You can also include antique cups, or odd coffee mugs you might have for a bit of fun..”

This past week my hubby wanted to go to one of our many local antique stores to looks at tools, caliphers to be exact.  Well, guess what I spotted first thing?   Right, tea cups!!  Eureka!!  These are much prettier than the old coffee cup I use. 

And, here is a set of retro mugs. I’m not sure which era they are from, but I’m guessing the ’70’s.

This was a fun challenge.  Thanks Ed. 🙂


10 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Coffee & Tea Cups”

  1. I love browsing around antique shops. Love the selection of mugs here. The ones in the last shot are pretty cool. I like the holder they are in too.

  2. Very nice! I love tea cups!

  3. Well done, love the retro mugs..:-)

  4. I love them….the third one almost looks like a couple I have from Japan.

  5. Very pretty tea cups!

  6. These dainty cups are not to be use, otherwise they become broken like your next post.

    They are for the eyes only.

  7. You caught a nice variety of cups!

  8. Pretty cups and saucers :-).

  9. Oooh so pretty! The retro cups are awesome! But I want to see your own old cup now.:)


  10. lovely tea cups! so pretty!

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