Our challenge from Ed this week….. “A little explanation of this challenge, the picture or pictures must have both the colors red and green in the same pic. This will take a bit of imagination and a staged picture and once again no Archives so christmas pics from last year don’t count.”

All current, taken around the house and no archieves. 🙂


17 Responses to “SUNDAY STILLS – Red & Green”

  1. You really nailed it with that last one! I was wondering if anyone would dig out their Christmas stuff.

  2. the 3rd photo is really adorable!

  3. Love the last shot of the peppers and the one of the gumdrops..:-))

  4. Very nice, especially the peppers. What brilliant colors!

  5. I like the bright red chillis/ Are they spicy hot? I can’t enjoy my meal without chillis.

  6. Love them all, Dianne, but that last one is spectacular.

  7. Great photos! My favorite is the peppers. So bright are the red and green!

  8. great shot of the peppers

  9. Loved all these shots, Di. Great submission.

  10. Good ones! Those chili’s look HOT!

  11. Hand down….the last photo is tops!!!


  12. Excellent, I’m with the group on the last one.

  13. I so need some of those red peppers. I was gonna make some red pepper jelly. I made green pepper jelly this week but we wanted some red so we could give both at Christmas time.

  14. Very Nice, love the peppers shot.

  15. I love the chili peppers….I wish I could grow them like that.

  16. Hi Di, great post…. hot hot chillies and i loved the 3rd pic too 🙂 well done dear.

  17. The peppers are awesome! Very clever on all the pics.

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