Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “S”

Ed’s challenge to us this week.  “….since its the last challenge for September we can do a letter challenge for next week. The only rule this week is that it has to be THINGS that start with the letter “S’ and NO ARCHIVES. ”  This was a fun challenge for me because Ed was home for a few days and we did some picture taking together.  It was the battle for the shots!! 

It’s a strange assortment of shots. I hope you all can guess them all. 🙂


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – The Letter “S””

  1. smirnoff is my favourite vokda, though i do prefer “black” better
    are they your skeletons? hehe

  2. Halloween come early? You gave me quite a fright? Did you and Ed work as a team or were you like my son, ” Mum, I am going to beat you.” and you know what, I told him, “Only you will do this.” He set up a MII which is the person to represent you when you play the WII game. He made me a very fierce and ugly person. My husband has the cheek to say, you are just like that.

  3. Great shots! The skeletons turned out great. Ann hit the nail on the head, except no competition here, we just have fun taking pics together..:-))))
    Miss ya…

  4. Well done- from food and drink to skeletons? You sure got the procession of events correct, heehee!

  5. Oooo, Halloween stuff! Great!

  6. YA did good Dibear! Glad Ed could be there to viSit too.

  7. That’s quite a Special collection ;-).

  8. Excellent shots. Now I must go over to Ed’s and see if he did as good a job.

  9. Awesome!! You did great on this one.

  10. It’s always fun when the kid(s) come home. Great shots!


  11. Awesome! I never got a chance during the week to get back and check everyone’s S subjects. So glad I happened to see yours when I visited your blog this morning! I’m a Halloween nut so I love the group of skeletons!

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