The Brenda Photo Challenge – Orange

Sorry this is getting in so late today, we’ve been in Knoxville all day.  I can’t wait to check out everyone’s entries. 🙂


9 Responses to “The Brenda Photo Challenge – Orange”

  1. Very well done. you found a lot of orange. Those carrots look delicious. I’ll trade you my candy corn for your carrots 🙂

  2. Great orange shots! Can’t wait to see what you have for Sunday Stills..:-)

  3. Nice set of pics, love the leaves.

  4. love the pumpkins. and i so love fall. i love the color.

  5. Not hard to find that porta potty.Fun picks, we did have a few close, I figured to see a lot of pumkins. Got a huge one yesterday at a Amish market, it was good priced . The leaves here are turning fast, headed north this next week to catch early colors.

  6. Hahahaha, you make me laugh with the UT flag and the outhouse! Hey, at least UT actually won their game yesterday and didn’t send their season’s schedule to the crapper! Good job on the challenge and I appreciate the chuckle.

  7. Wow, you worked hard on this one! You even found an orange portapotty!

  8. Love all your orange photos! You found some really great subjects!

  9. I’m late, late, getting here for the orange challenge. I came by to view the fast food challenge. Awesome orange challenge shots!

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