Sunday Stills Challenge – Shoes and Boots

Easy challenge this week Ed.  So easy I just got downright lazy with it.  I was off to the closet!!

My Boots

Chuck’s Boots

I live in these….My Crocs.

A pottery boot filled with chile peppers.

After this one I feel a much harder challenge in the wind…bring it on Ed. 🙂


21 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Shoes and Boots”

  1. is the the new fashion colorful gum boots?

    You like crocs?

  2. I love those gum boots, Dianne! They’re very bright and fashionable when working in your garden!

    I don’t have a pair of crocs but several of my friends do and they love them. I’m just not sure how good crocs would be for my arthritic feet! Ugh and dang!

  3. Very cool, very creative with the last shot, well done…:-)

  4. I like the last shot too, very creative and the colors of the chili peppers sets it off.

  5. Excellent. You did a great job with this one.

  6. love the muck boots!

  7. I love my crocs too. Cute gumboots! Ted has his pair of highly shined black dress boots just like Chuck.

  8. Great shot of the pottery boot and chili peppers. I don’t have any boots — haven’t needed them for almost 20 years. But I’ve got lots of flip flops. 🙂

  9. I’m going with the chili pepper shot too, very nice.

  10. Love them orange flowery boots, never thought of my purple flowery ones for this time round.

  11. The last one, of course, is my favorite. Very colorful…and makes me very hungry!

    I’m so jealous of everyone that can wear crocs. A lot of folks posted theirs today, but I can’t wear them because they make my feet sweat something awful.

    Enjoyed seeing your great variety of shoes. Seems like shoes tell quite a lot about folks and their lives…


  12. Love Chuck’s boots — so well worn that the tops flop over.

  13. I wear crocs everyday…even have winter ones. My orthodics fit right in and I am totally comfortable.

    Love the boots.

  14. Creative shot with the peppers!

    Love the rain boots 🙂

  15. Hi Dianne, Great pictures to match your challenge… Love that ‘hot-pepper-boot’… One would never know you were from Texas!!!! ha..

    Great pictures to follow your theme.

  16. I really like the sun and shadows in the first photo! It is really neat how the sun shines thru the rubber boots the way it does. Your last one is good too!

  17. You have the most purty rubber boots I’ve ever seen 😉

  18. Dibear,
    I agree with you, the last time I wore stiletto shoes was before I had children. Now comfry is the way to go for a teacher. My heeless boots is just right.

    My daughters wore my heeled shoes for dressing up. The last pair was a good Italian made shoes.

  19. You have sucah a wonderful collection of boots! Great shots 🙂 I really enjoed the last shot! 😀

  20. oh i love boots. i have lots of boots too. it’s almost fall and it’s time to put away the flip-flops and bring out the boots.

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