The Brenda Photo Challenge – Photo Essay

The theme of my Photo Essay is my husband and his woodturning.  The series of shots begins with Chuck selecting a beautiful piece of wood.  Then his shaping a piece of wood into a bowl blank, then fastening it to the faceplate of his lathe.  He then begins the hollowing process and finishes up by sanding it to a smooth finish.  He’ll then apply a finish of sealant.  Waaaala!  The bowl is ready for market.   We sell his pieces at various venues from Spring until Christmas.  He also has a website –


10 Responses to “The Brenda Photo Challenge – Photo Essay”

  1. My hubby also woodworks…LOVE tthose kind of bowls!!
    Well done!

  2. Wow. Just WOW!!!!!

  3. So every time he sees a tree coming down he wants 1st grabs at his select wood. I enjoy this art, the gnarls all have their own character.I go to a lot of shows enjoying what others have made.

  4. Very Nice! I have a beautiful Black Walnut bowl made that way.

  5. Simply amazing. What a great look at the making of a bowl

  6. aviewfromme Says:

    What a neat process to document. Love that even included the booth to sell the beautiful product! ~Jeanne

  7. Awesome. Having the freedom to do what you truly enjoy make the working years fade into the background and all worth it. 😀

  8. Beautiful Photo Essay, Dianne…. He does fabulous work… Does he ever come to Fairfield Glade to any of the MANY craft shows we have up here???? Let me know if he comes… Do you go with him to the shows?????

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Enjoy this fabulous weather.

  9. Extremely well done..:-))

  10. awesome! what a wonderful photo essay you got here. it magnificently show the transformation of the tree into something beautiful and useful.

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