Sunday Stills Challenge – Statues & Figurines

I think Ed took pitty on us after some of his tough challenges and gave us one he knew everyone should be able to handle easily.  Thanks Ed.

The following two statues are located in Krutch Park in downtown Knoville, Tn.

Please excuse any visible dust on the following pictures. My hubby says they are just doing their job as “dust collectors”.

The wolf head comes off of this katchina to reveal the Indians head underneath.  This is a  cherished gift from my mother.

These kitties are just part of my Jim Shore collection of cats and angels.

This piece is from hubby’s extensive eagle  collection.

These funny little guys used to belong to Ed, they now reside in hubby’s den.

And, last but not least, my patchwork pig.

I hope you all are enjoying this cooler weather, at least it’s cooler in the mornings. Love it!!


18 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Statues & Figurines”

  1. Thanks for sharing Di! Great shots!

  2. Extremely well done, great shots. I miss my trolls, which we got in Arizona.

  3. Fabulous…what a wonderful series!! love the cats so much..and everything!!yay!

  4. Hi Dianne, Beautiful ‘statues and figurines’…. I love the patchwork piggy.. Looks like a piggy bank I used to have.

    The eagles are fabulous… You need to show all of his collection sometime.

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. I loved this post very well done indeed. I wish I could have read what was on the first one.

  6. Great series Di 🙂 Well done..

  7. Hi Di, thanks for always stopping by my blog, always enjoy your’s.
    Great shots and fun.

  8. You’ve got a lot of unique ‘dust collectors’. The pig is adorable and I’m wondering if I also have Jim Shore figurines, too. Does he make bears? I was given a set, placed on wooden boxes, like your cats, years ago. They have that wonderful folk art style that I adore.

    Figures that those shaggy monkey creatures are Ed’s. lol!

    I love how folks placed yellow roses all over that Women’s Suffrage statue. Lovely!

    Thanks for the reminder to post my link up on the SS blog.

  9. I love Ed’s trolls 😉 NOT! but i love your pig and all the great statues you have down south.

  10. Great collection, I am partial to the Jim Shore ones..I love his view as an artist! Your kachina is very interesting..thanks for sharing:)

  11. A wonderful collection of statures and figurines! My favorite is the cats. Of course I love cats!

    Have a great day!

    From the Heart of Texas
    Statues for Sunday Stills

  12. You have quite the collection of diverse figurines! I like the women’s suffrage statues. Nice of Tennessee to commemorate it!

  13. Excellent pics! I like them all.

  14. Some of those are downright scary. Nice photos.

  15. great collection of figurines! I like the pig the best! I’m glad those ladies worked on the Suffrage movement.

  16. That Kachina was awesome and strangly in tune with those vampire/werewolf new books and movies, the Twilight series, where they say the Indians are werewolves. Just struck me as odd. Nice variety of subject matter in all.

  17. Thanks for the stoll in the park! Very cool bronzes! I love your collections also!


  18. I just love those wooden cats! Adorable!

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