Macro Monday

A wonderful surprise,  my night-blooming cereus cactus finally has a bloom!  A dear friend gave me a start off of her cactus about two years ago and this is the first bloom it has set.  Only thing is this plant will only bloom late at night so I don’t know whether I’ll get to see it open.  I stayed up til midnight last night, but still no action. If I miss it I miss it as this orchid cactus only blooms one time.


10 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. That is too cool!!! Hope ya get to see it bloom, next time ya get up early before the sun rises check it out..:-)

  2. I have these at home. The smell is heavenly..when it blooms. Cool shot 🙂

  3. its gorgeous!

  4. willow witch Says:

    That is really something, never seen one before… I hope you get to see it…

  5. Beautiful picture, Di. Hope you get to see it.

  6. Oh how neat…. Glad it is blooming now…. It is gorgeous…


  7. Me again…. I posted before I was ready to…. ha ha

    Anyhow—I hope you get to see it bloom… I would probably stay up most of the night waiting and watching…. ha… Good Luck.

  8. OMG, I’ve never seen a blossom like that, Dianne! It’s gorgeous and I hope you get to see it bloom.

  9. Now that is cool! I wish I had one!!!


  10. Cool plant..only one must be a heck of a bloom! 🙂

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