Sunday Stills – Clouds

During this past week we have been suffering from a terrible heat wave.  The air has been so humid and the sky has been hazy.  A cold front blew through Friday night and Saturday we were blessed with beautiful blue skies with lots of pretty clouds.  Enjoy.

We are bracing for another hot week.  We are really in need of some rain.  All we get are dark clouds, but no rain!  Our garden is suffering.


16 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Clouds”

  1. Very nice, LOVE the city clouds..well done..:-)

  2. Very nice… you seem to be having the same heat and cool downs as we are having…

  3. Hard to get cloud or sky shots when it is so hot and hazy. Same problem here in North Carolina. Great shots and glad you got a bit of a break in the weather.

  4. Good job….sometimes we don’t even see a cloud when it’s hot and dry. I hope you get some much needed rain SOON!

  5. I like the perspective up through the buildings, how they emphasize the clouds. Nice job!

  6. I like the building one too, but that last one with its fluffy clouds is so pretty.

  7. Well done, that first one is certainly different.

  8. Very nice Di!

  9. Beautiful skies and clouds. Nicely done.

    Sounds like you are experiencing are typical New Mexico weather…all except for our monsoon season in late July and August. That’s the only time of year we can expect to get rain. The rest of the year, we’ll get dark clouds and thunderstorms…but no rain at all.

    No you can guess why I don’t bother with a garden. lol!


  10. Bring on the fall clouds, I say!

  11. Well done Di! 🙂 Nice clouds. Hope you get some heavy rain soon 🙂

  12. I’m finally catching up… love that city shot Di! Thanks for the comments on my pics 🙂

  13. Beautiful blue and fluffy clouds! I don’t know how you stand the humidity…but I guess you just get used to it. Hope you get some rain soon.

  14. I guess I should NOT complain about days and days and days of rain.


  15. Great looking clouds..hope you get rain soon, it is raining here now..and we have had enough to hatch about a gazillion skeeters already:(

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