Sunday Stills: Grafitti/Street Art

Another fun challenge from Ed this week.  We spent Saturday in Knoxville doing the Farmer’s Market which gave me a great opportunity to gather some grafitti shots.  There is one from last year when they did a sidewalk art contest in Market Square, and I’ve included one from a nearby town close to home.  Enjoy.

I actually took about twice this many shots, but I picked the most colorful to post.

Looks like another really hot week for us here in East Tennessee.


19 Responses to “Sunday Stills: Grafitti/Street Art”

  1. Hi, Dianne! You got some good graffiti shots. Ha, I like that fifth one!

    Stay cool.

  2. Great shots, the last one is a character from the movie a clockwork orange. 🙂

  3. Good ones – we don’t have anything like that in our little town.

  4. photobella Says:

    Wonderful set!

    #5 Alex DeLarge, played by Roddy McDowell in the movie, A Clockwork Orange.

  5. theegggather Says:

    Good shots – nothing close to that here in our part of the “country”.

  6. Hi Dianne, We were in Knoxville yesterday ourselves… We had to go to the Apple Store to get George’s computer looked at… That store is in Westtown Mall –and it was crowded yesterday.. Teens still love the malls.

    I’ve never seen those murals –nor been to the Farmer’s Market there. We have a Farmer’s Market here –but I’m sure it is MUCH smaller.

    Great colorful colors!!! Those people have talent!!!

  7. Great shots, DMay have to visit that market some day. :)i.

  8. I love them Di! Very nice!

  9. Some of these artists just AMAZE me. Good job.

  10. You can get anything at a good Farmer’s Market!!

  11. Very nice, I like the one with the artist. You did very well.

  12. wonderful shots! I love all the color!

  13. great shots. The almost naked one made me pause. LOL!

  14. You sure did have some colorful examples of graffti/street art!

  15. hahaha naked man 😛

    i like them all very much

  16. Great shots..I like flowers but not on naked men:)

  17. The third and the last ones are my favorites. Very cool. And the chalk mural man with the flower on his privates made me giggle.

    Nice shots!


  18. Wow, there’s some really creative people around there!

  19. Boy, you found some pretty amazing shots! Sure glad they put the flower in on the man ;~) LOL

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