The Brenda Photo Challenge – Ruby Red Macro

I’ve been so busy working the garden and canning today I almost forgot about the challenge.  Here are my selections for the Ruby Red Macro challenge.

I hope you all have a super week and the heat isn’t too bad where you are.  It’s pretty rough here in East Tennessee.


10 Responses to “The Brenda Photo Challenge – Ruby Red Macro”

  1. Great pictures! I love the peppers, especially grilled. Yummmmm. Also enjoyed seeing your canning pictures.

  2. Loved your red!

  3. aviewfromme Says:

    Love those peppers! Thought of them but didn’t have any in the house lol. That last textured shot is very cool too. ~Jeanne

  4. Hey, it says that you’re from east Tennessee! Me too! Oh, those fresh peppers from the garden are my favorite!

  5. Like your subject choices. I roast and peel a lot of my peppers. Never had much luck with a good salsa, I like green ones the best, but eat it on almost everything.An easy meal for me is quesidillas and salsa.

  6. GREAT macro photos! Love the peppers in the first one!

  7. Great reds….I’d love to be frying up some of those peppers.

  8. Definitely the pepper, they are making me hungry for a stir fry. Had they been yellow it would have to have been a salad.

  9. Very nice collection of reds! That pepper is awesome!


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