Sunday Stills – “Summer”

“Summer” is this weeks challenge, and what pictures does that word conjure up in your mind? ”  This was a fun challenge, thanks Linda.  Here are a few of the things that say “summer” to me.

Really high temperatures.  We just had the hottest June on record, and I think July is close behind.

Swimming in the river to stay cool.


Camping down by the river.

And, what would summer be without a sweet, juicy watermelon?

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. 🙂


13 Responses to “Sunday Stills – “Summer””

  1. I love to be one of those kids splashing in the river.

    Are you trying to keep cool by eating heaps of theis giant sized water melons?

  2. Perfect summer photos!

  3. Very cool, I’ll take the seedless watermelon..:-)

  4. Watermelon is my fav’ and most inviting one, but the kids are making me jealous 😉

  5. Hi Di: The sunflower pic. reminds me of my basic training at Fort Riley, Kansas. What a cheerful and up in your face flower the sunflower is. Nice pictures, Dianne and the salsa looks great.

  6. oh, I meant to do the thermometer, too. We had 98 on Wed, with heat index in the 110’s. We love watermelon! The camper reminds me of my grandmother’s trailer that she had. good memories! Stay cool this week. I’ve started going to the barn at 6:30 to be done before noon, then wait until after 7 or 8 to do evening chores.

  7. Great pics! The kids playing in the river reminded me of my childhood down at the lake jumping in off of and old tire swing. So fun!

    Mmmm! Watermelons. Love that photo., too.


  8. It has not hit the 90 degree mark here yet..probably this week. I really enjoyed your watermelon photo..I will take a slice icy cold! 🙂

  9. We hit 90 degrees here the other day, I took the dogs to the river. As a kid we used to go swimming at the lake every possible day, there is nothing like laying on a beach in the hot sun then jumping in to cool off. Watermelon is on my grocery list this week!

  10. Like your pictures, the sunflowers look great. Those watermelons look good too. Nice job.

  11. Your pic’s really do speak “summer” to me. Love the one of the kids playing in the water.

  12. Oh yes!! Swimming and watermelon…that’s summer!

  13. All of your photos really fit the summer theme and are good photos too! My favorite is the kids and the water, followed by sunflowers and watermelon!

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