One Tomato, Two Tomato….

I know, I know, you guys are probably getting sick of pictures from our garden, but that’s the main focus I have going on right now.  I spent yesterday peeling and canning tomatoes.  I put up a dozen pints of salsa, and I still have enough tomatoes for another dozen.  Plus, more tomatoes on the vine.  And, these are just my Celebrity tomatoes.  No “heirlooms” yet, but they are on the way.  We LOVE salsa, as do our kids, so this makes a nice addition to their Xmas Goodie boxes.

Soon the corn will be ready for picking. 🙂


5 Responses to “One Tomato, Two Tomato….”

  1. I’m just jealous….mine are just STARTING to bloom.

  2. Now thats alot of tomatos and alot of yummy salsa..:-)

  3. willow witch Says:

    That really looks good, Ed has been very bad this year (Santa says so…) Can I have his share? hehehehehe……

  4. there is nothing quite like a vine ripe, warm tomato right out of the garden!

  5. You are sooooo lucky!!! Your tomatoes look delicious as does the salsa you made from them…guess Ed’s gonna be lucky too to get some of that yummy stuff!

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