Sunday Stills Challenge – History

Ed’s challenge to us this week was…”anything over 60 years old, people, places or things, or even events replicatimg over 60 years old…”  Here are the shots I snapped this week.

The above items are all located in our local museum here in Tellico Plains, Tn.

Just think,  the above radio and telephone didn’t even exsist yet when folks lived and worked in these old structures.

I’m pretty sure I rode on railcars like this one when I was a little girl! I would travel from Texas to Illinois to spend the summer with my grandparents.  Can you imagine a child doing that today? No way!!

Well we picked another full bucket of green beans yesterday, and I need to get them ready for the freezer today, and I also have a batch of banana peppers to put up….any ideas?   Have a super week dear friends.


17 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – History”

  1. Wow, I love those phones! And the building and the trail. Actually I love those little historic villages. They are just so much fun to walk around in and wonder what the lives of the people who lived there were like.

  2. Amazing antique phones…phew!! great effort and liked especially the granade ‘every history is created or destroyed’

  3. Well done, the grenade looks kinda familiar..;-)

  4. Ooh, these are great. This has just been the best challenge. I have been going around looking at all of them and just marveling at the wonderful stuff people found to photograph.

  5. That is an amount of history in those shots. Love the old buildings. No, I can’t imagine sending kids alone anywhere today. You must have a great local museum. And very special with some donated family artifacts.

  6. Wow! Cool shots Di 😀 The grenade is super special!! And you were a brave girl it seems..

  7. What the heck was Ed doing with a grenade?!? ;-). Nice shots!

  8. Oooh! I love train travel. I traveled from New Mexico to Wash DC about 14 years ago and it was such a wonderful trip for me. I know my kids would love train travel, too and I can’t wait to take them on a train someday. My hubby collects trains. We have hundreds of them on shelves in our garage! gah!

    Great shots all!
    The grenade is so cool!


  9. Love the name Sweetwater on the rail car. Very nice photos.

  10. So far this is the first family-owned hand grenade shot I’ve seen! The phones are really cool. Technology moves so fast, it only takes about 20 years to be history in that field! Nice selection!

  11. theegggather Says:

    Well, I like all the photos, but that radio is to die for. Great job.

  12. love ALL of them!

  13. Your rail cars look new compared to your other OLD photos. Imagine in the past, the home operator listened in all your calls with your boy friends.

  14. Great choices…I love the water wheel.

  15. Great choices- imagine a hand grenade as a family heirloom! I love the water wheel and the stone chimney.

  16. Love the shots especially the old buildings!

  17. All oldies..well done:) Pickle those peppers! 🙂

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