Mary, Mary Quite Contrary…….

I’ve promised some of you I’d post some pictures of our garden, so I went out and took some shots early this morning while it is still cool.  We have lots of green tomatoes, and lots of peppers, and the corn is setting.  Looks like the cabbage is getting eatten up by something, time to spray it again.  We’ve already gotten a bucket full of green beans, and tons of squash.  I’m anxiously awaiting the heirloom tomatoes to put forth some fruit. Love those tomatoes sandwiches. 🙂

Here’s a full shot of the garden.

Tomato Plants

Pepper Plants – several varieties

Rogue cantelope that came up in my lettuce-spinach bed.  I’m sure the seeds were in the compost we added to the raised bed.

Next post I’ll get some better shots of the corn and beans, also some close-ups of the different peppers.

See ya tomorrow on SSC.  Stay cool, if you can. 🙂


2 Responses to “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary…….”

  1. Great shots..:-)

  2. Your garden looks great!

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