Sunday Stills Challenge: Go Low, Looking High

Well this was a real challenge for sure as I’m one of those “old folks”.  I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone else interpreted this challenge from Ed.

I had to squat a bit to “go low” for the last two shots.  Hard on the old knees!

This was a good challenge Ed, I hope I get a gold star.

Everyone stay cool this week.  We will be in the 90’s ALL week!!


19 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge: Go Low, Looking High”

  1. Nice blue sky. Better get someone to get those trees out of your gutters. I volunteer Ed LOL.

  2. I love love love the sky shot! its fabulous that you were able to capture the depth of the color.

    thanks for sharing

  3. theegggather Says:

    Beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds. The sprouting seeds look familiar too.

  4. Love the sky! And the corn is growing! Very nice shots!

  5. I say you get a gold star. Good shot of the corn.

  6. Great shots! And I second what sheep lady says – gold star for you!

  7. Nice selection! I vote you get a gold star, too!

  8. 2 gold stars for getting down on your knees twice. Love the cloud and sky shot!

  9. Awesome! I love photographing from that perspective and do it often.

  10. Great shots!!! I love every single one of them. Your clouds are breathtaking!

  11. These are all great! I’m partial to the last shot, very cool.

  12. I think they are were very nice! Loved the sky.

  13. i like your 3rd photo the best 🙂 it’s very pretty

  14. when can I drop in to have some of your sweet corn.

    It was funny to read about your poor knees. I didn’t really squat, I just leaned back wards.

  15. I see the gutter garden is coming along niceley..;-)
    Great shots, you get a gold star..:-))

  16. LOL I’ll volunteer Ed too 😉 I love the clouds.

  17. Great shots! I’ll volunteer Ed as well.

  18. Great shots! The corn is my favorite!


  19. You get a gold star from me!! I am missing the corn fields now!

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