The Brenda Photo Challenge – Bedtime

Since my hubby wouldn’t appreciate my taking his picture while he’s asleep I am submitting the the next closest example of “bedtime” around our house.  Maggie Mae and Bella.


19 Responses to “The Brenda Photo Challenge – Bedtime”

  1. LOL…Love them! They are both really clicking off the ZZZZZ’s!!!
    Well Done!!!
    Have a Great weekend!

  2. Hi, Dianne! Maggie Mae & Bella look comfy and well-loved! You may have to invest in a bigger bed for Maggie Mae though…LOL!

  3. sweet babies. i see lotsa folks wanting– yet fearing to post hubbys. i didn’t even think about it– if i did– i would have :))

    lots of animal shots tho– i got my baby sushi all snuggled up too. the spoiled little thing.

    isn’t it funny how large animals think they have to lay in things they know they don’t fit in?
    my 18 pound cat loves to sleep on my daughters size 7 shoes ! wish i would have thought to get a shot of that :((

    enjoy your weekend !

  4. Ha, that is so cute, Love these shots.

  5. peacefula and adorable

  6. Probably the safest choice…lol That must be one tired dog to not even care if the bed is just a wee bit small. Really cute.

  7. I especially love the dog photo, with more than half of his body out of the bed! Too funny!

  8. They understand the bedtime concept for sure! Great shots!

  9. Whose bed is that anyway? Great shots.

  10. Awww … I love it when dogs nap partially in their bed and partially flaked out on the floor! We had a Beagle who used to do that … only it was outside by the pool and his “bed” was a floaty toy! LOLOL … BTW are the two animals taking turns with the same bed? That cat is huge! Great pics!

  11. so the dog steals the cats bed? Too cute.

  12. Great shots, both look zonked out. But then Maggie is a night girl..;-)

  13. aviewfromme Says:

    Awww they look so comfy. LOL at your pup mostly out of his bed. ~Jeanne

  14. Ha, ha. love it! I think your doggie has out has outgrown his bed??

    Wonderful bedtime photos!


  15. Super sweet! I love how the dog is laying. LOL!

  16. Cute shots of the babies. Looks like someone is a bit too big for that bed.

  17. Love the shot of Maggie kind of on the bed. Very cute kitty too. Thanks for bringing this photo challenge to my attention. I participated in this one too.

  18. Maggie Mae and Bella looks adorable!

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