Sunday Stills Challenge – Black and White

Everybody have a nice week. 🙂


19 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Black and White”

  1. Great shots, I especially liked the old cabin..but it looks a bit sad:)

  2. Nice shots, you got a great yard around ideal for snaps. The best and perfect match is i think its the cabins

  3. these are just wonderful, I like the last one!


  4. excellent contrast & composition of the first photograph, deff’s my favourite

  5. nice shots, like that first one very much!

  6. great shots. I like the old cabin too. and the double yoke.

  7. Very nice, I can’t pick a fave. thay are all well done..:-)

  8. These are really beautiful! That second photo blows my mind.

  9. Well done on all of them, and I really like the weathered photos in the post below. You really are doing well with that new camera!

  10. Love shots Di!

  11. Love the dogwood and yoke shots!

  12. Very nice! You made me smile.

  13. The old cabin is well suited to black and white. Good job.

  14. Each of these photographs translate well into black and white. They all have good contrast. I think I like the oxen yoke the best.

  15. Can’t pick a favorite they are all too good. Very good post.

  16. Awesome! They are all great, I don’t have a favorite.

  17. Nice set of photos. I think I like the last best.

  18. Oooh! These are all super! I love the old cabin and the last one the best, though.
    Poor old horse trailers, too.

    The ice looks so appealing. It was 100 degrees today and we don’t have A/C. We don’t usually need it up here. Our temps usually stay in the 70s and 80s all summer. This is not normal. Yuk!

    You are taking amazing photos now. You always had a good eye, you just needed better quality.



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