Macro Monday

I’m not sure what the first flowers are but I liked them.  I found them in the park in Blue Ridge, Ga. yesterday where we went to a big arts and crafts show.  The last two are some of my Asiatic lilies.

It is pouring down rain here right now and rain is in our forecast all day, so I guess this will put a damper on any Memorial Day cook-outs in our area.  My garden is loving it.

Have a super week y’all.


8 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Gorgeous! You must have a BEA-utiful garden. I especially like the yellow lily. That color just makes me happy!

  2. Very well done! Love the last one the best..:-)

  3. the last photo looks like a painting, very well done

  4. Welcome back, Dianne! I don’t know what your first flower is either but your lilies are beautiful. Mine aren’t blossomed yet but the orange ones will soon…followed by lemon ones.

    It rained here today, too. We needed it so I don’t mind.

  5. I love lilies…….all kinds……..these are wonderful. If I lived closer, I’d be over to dig a chunk 😉

  6. Very pretty! I love having flowers in my garden again. Looks like you are enjoying the new camera!

  7. Pretty! I love Asiatic lilies.

  8. very pretty..I especially like the Yellow Lily! 🙂

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