Sunday Stills Challenge – Landscapes

My “landscape” shots are all local views, the beautiful countryside in which we live.  I’ve included shots of Tellico Lake and the Tellico River, both of which are only 10 minutes from our home.

And finally “landscape” from our yard, the beginnings of our vegetable garden.

Have a beautiful week. 🙂


15 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Landscapes”

  1. Very nice shots, I’m seeing green in the garden..:-))

  2. Wow, lovely! I like that second photo with the Canada Geese in it ( of course!)

  3. Your world is so green! Lovely.
    And I like your lake. It looks so much more intimate than ours.

  4. Very pretty, you do live in a beautiful place.

  5. You do live in a beautiful part of the world……..I love the first shot.

  6. Very nice shots Di 😀

  7. Very peaceful and very green. Nice pictures.

  8. Gorgeous!! That first photo is really good!
    I also like the photo with the horses a lot, too.
    Nice composition and points of interest.
    Your garden is looking great. Thanks for sharing a photo
    of how everything’s coming along with it. I can’t wait to see
    the produce photos eventually, too.


  9. Beautiful images! My favorite is the one with the barn!

  10. The lake has to be my personal favorite. I wish I was sitting on the shore right about now.

  11. very nice diane

  12. I like your vege garden. The stakes. are they for tomatoes?

  13. These are beautiful pictures, Dianne. What a pretty part of the country you live in! Your garden looks like it’s healthy and doing great!

  14. Hi DB, great shotz. I loved the second one particularly. Hope you are keeping well and definitely in high spirits.

  15. What a beautiful and peaceful place!

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