Sunday Stills Challenge – Controls

Our challenge this week from Ed was, “controls”,  anything used to turn on or control a non-living device, knobs,switches,keypads,buttons. 

 These are a few I found around my house.

Hopefully you will recognize them all. 

Have a beautiful week. 🙂


11 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Controls”

  1. the composition on the toilet flusher is great

  2. Great shots the last one is classic..:-))

  3. Pretty good ideas!

  4. Creative! I didn’t even think about the fridge! Hope the weather is better this week for you!

  5. Great series of shots..the last one is a classic!! Hope your wind eases up soon so you can dump the rocks out of your pockets:)

  6. LOL I never even thought of the toilet handle as being a control but I sure wouldn’t want one without it.

  7. And here I was doing laundry…. The toilet handle is a hoot.

  8. lol, the toilet made me laugh! lol we are on the same wavelength, except the sewing machine – haven’t sewn much since baby clothes, many years ago! The coffee pot is mandatory!

  9. I love seeing everyone’s perspective on this challenge! Great shots!

  10. Very clever on the toilet! You were much more ambitious than I was this week.

  11. The last one is great. Nice and clever.

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