Sunday Stills – Potluck

Our challenge this week is called “potluck”, which to me means we can do a variety of shots on any topic. So here are shots of what’s been on my mind lately. The garden….

Getting the bed plowed up.

Starting my seedlings. Note the use of my paper potter Chuck made for me.

A tray of Heirloom tomato seedlings.

My potting table.

A trip to the garden center.

So many beautiful flowers. I did restrain myself and only bought a large economy sized bag of red and yellow Cannas.



21 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Potluck”

  1. Beautiful!! So warm and welcoming.

  2. Very cool shots, you’re up early this morning, Bella get you up??? 🙂

  3. aaahahaha @ ‘ I did restrain myself and only bought a large economy sized bag ‘ 🙂 nice work di

  4. Oh, can’t wait for flowers… spring! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your post makes me want to get planting, but it’s still a little too early here. I like the use of paper to start your seedlings, great economical idea.

  6. Love your potluck. I was too tired to post mine last night. I’ll do it now.

  7. looks like you will be busy getting your hands dirty!

  8. Too early to plant here yet, but I’m enjoying seeing all the growing things here on your blog. Love the little paper pots. Very clever!


  9. I can’t wait to do what you’re doing. I love the garden centre ones. I might have to have Chuck make me one of those pottsies!

  10. Great potluck! Looks like you will be busy!

  11. Hey way to recycle ,good post I’m always happy to see plants, anything growing.

  12. I thought about starting flowers and tomato plants from seeds, but didn’t get it done. I love cannas! I can’t wait to plant more flowers this year, and my goal is a vegetable garden again.

  13. theegggather Says:

    Great potluck! Love the dogwood, one of my spring favorites.

  14. Potluck! or POT luck! lol 😀
    Nice one..I like the colors. I missed u too Di. Hope I can stick to my blog for sometime.

  15. Well, that is the deluxe version of a paper pot maker. 🙂 Your seedlings look fantastic.

  16. Love the shots! I am so behind on getting my flower bed in shape! Wanna come over 😉

  17. I like your pot luck photos. Won’t it be fun if we could have a pot luck seedling party.

  18. Great pics! I love flowers.

  19. I can hardly wait until I get to do what you are doing.


  20. Great potluck looks warm there:)

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