Sunday Stills – Hands

This weeks challenge was to take photoes of “hands”. Well, I didn’t do so well this week, and the picture I’m posting I didn’t even take. I have to give the credit to dear hubby, but it is one I dearly love. It is a picture of my hands working on a quilt for my grand-daughter.

I promise to do better next week. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather. 🙂


17 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Hands”

  1. you’re rather good at quilting (?)
    i like the photo

  2. Well done, its hard to take pics of your own hands..:-))

  3. theegggather Says:

    Very good. Your hubby takes good pics of hands and your hands make beautiful quilts. I love the one you are working on.
    The colors are wonderful!

  4. Wonderful photo, Di. Doesn’t matter who took it, it’s perfect for this week’s theme. And I love your quilt, too.

  5. One good photo!

  6. Talented hands.

  7. a pictures of your hands hand stitching your handiwork . .. perfect! Lovely quilt btw 🙂

  8. I adore this photo; I love seeing hands create beautiful things. And the quilt definitely qualifies.

  9. I thought it was a pretty good selection, creative hands.

  10. very nice..the quilt is hand done..very special!! 🙂

  11. I love it……and NO blood either 😉

  12. I like it. And it will be a momento for your grand-daughter. I liked your painted Easter eggs too. Very pretty!

  13. Are you hand sewing the whole quilt. Each time your grand daughter holds the quilt, she will know of your love for her.

  14. Love the pictures and the quilt 🙂

  15. You’ve got a lovely pair of busy, talented hands. 🙂


  16. You do beautiful work!

  17. oh, that’s sweet! Love the quilt!

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