Sunday Stills – Easter

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends. Here are my choices for things that make me think of Easter.

I would love to have some Jelly Bellies and a chocolate Cadbury egg. In my dreams. ha-ha
Ed just reminded me, He’s my own personal Easter bunny!! He was born on Easter morning at 6:45a.m., April 18, 1965. How could I forget? 🙂


20 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Easter”

  1. Very cool shots..:-)) Happy Easter Mom….

  2. p.s. Don’t forget, I was born on Easter Sunday..:-))

  3. NO WAY a camo egg decorating kit, my favourite colour.

  4. I am glad you featured a cross, the real Christian message of easter.

    Happy Easter.

  5. Those are beautiful! I remember this morning that I did not get an Easter Lily this year! Darn it! I am glad you shared yours!

  6. Camo Egg Decorating???!!!! Kewl!

  7. Great selections Dianne! But where is Ed’s baby picture? LOL!

  8. Wonderful Easter photos! How cool that Ed is your personal Easter bunny. I hope he brought you a Cadbury Egg. I went shopping to late for them…they were all gone. 😦

  9. Nice post. Camo eggs who would have thunk it!!!I can’t believe you have a Forsythia flowering already….lucky ladywe should all move there. Have a great day.

  10. All the photos are great. Love the camo egg kit. lol! They think of everything don’t they?
    Oh my goodness! The forsythia bush strung with Easter Eggs brought back memories. My parents would do that, too. Now that’s a sure sign of Spring, if anything was!
    Of course, there are no forsythia bushes here yet. wah!

    Ed the Easter Bunny! hehe!
    Happy BIRTHday to you, too, D!


  11. That lily shot is especially gorgeous!

  12. Happy Easter!

  13. yes, the cross reminds us of Christ and the reason for Easter! The egg statues are beautiful.

  14. Happy Easter!

  15. LoL Camo egg kit! So… did you make the Camo eggs? Love your first shot of the cross. Happy Easter.

  16. happy easter diane, wonderful photos

  17. I love your selection of pics! The camo egg decorating kit is very cool.

  18. Beautiful Easter theme photos, Di. The macro of the lilies is wonderful.

  19. I love the says it all so well! My daughter was also born April 18..but in 1972..and it was not Easter…so glad you got Ed for an Easter surprise!! 🙂

  20. I never thought of Ed as an Easter Bunny. Nice touch on the Easter themes, Dianne ; creative and cheery. Ron.

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