Sunday Stills – Sunrise & Sunsets

Boy this past week here in East Tennessee was not a week for taking pictures of sunrise and sunsets. It has been overcast and rainy most of the week. So I’ll treat you to what I was actually able to capture. The real challenge this week was to NOT go to our archieves for pictures. Bummer.

This was the only sunrise I was able to take all week.

And, this was the only sunset. It is actually the reflection of the sunset against the knob across the road. It turned a beautiful golden glow.

And these last shots just represent the rest of our week.

And finally, a little gift from Mother Nature.


21 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Sunrise & Sunsets”

  1. aw the first few were promising 🙂
    hopefully you get more sunshine soon

  2. Very nice, I do love those sunrises on Harlan Mountain..:-))
    Great rainbow shot too….

  3. Same problem here in North Carolina. The closest sunset was last night, but my camera wasn’t with me since it rained late in the afternoon.

  4. Beautiful series of shots. The second photo with the shadow is a great capture. But the grand prize is the rainbow!

  5. Very pretty, Di

  6. Very nice considering what you had to work with. I think everyone is in the same boat. You are right the real challenge was not going to the stock pile.

  7. Such beautiful color in the second photo. And a rainbow! Lucky you.

  8. Nice work for what you had to work with…Mother Nature is always in control isn’t she?!? The rainbow was a nice treat too.

  9. Good job! I think Ed should say no archives every time as it forces us to really think about the challenge and do some “work” to get good shots. Love the rainbow!

  10. Very nice is your top pic….same thing here this week….I got one and it’s noon and still on my camera 😉

  11. That is a beautiful sunrise; I’m glad you got to capture one!

  12. They are great shots – love the rainbow…. Have a great week!

  13. I was too focused on other things this week to remember to take any sunset/sunrise photos. ooops!

    But your little photographic gifts were wonderful. The pink sky is gorgeous and the rainbow is lovely!
    Even the foggy, grey rainy photos have their own beauty. 🙂


  14. Your sunrise and sunset photo’s are beautiful, but I love the mood in the 3rd photo.

  15. I love the sunset over the mountain. Sorry about the bad weather, that was our today in Maine!

  16. The first photo is a visual treat. the rainbow is a bonus.

  17. Bad weather does make it a challenge! Love the sunset over the mountain shot!

  18. We’ve had weather like that here too. It’s supposed to warm up and clear up tomorrow.

  19. I love the first pic- with the purples and reds mixed together! I think the foggy photos hold a mystery to them.

    thanks for commenting on my blogs! I have really enjoyed your comments! I didn’t get a sunrise/sunset, but will work on that one this week. I had a free day tocay to do the macro. Where is yours? lol

  20. A rainbow!!! I can hardly wait for my first rainbow of the year!


  21. You covered it all! Great shots.

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