Macro Monday

Check out my new Sloggers! I saw these cute boots the other day and just couldn’t resist them. Now if we have a wet Spring I’m prepared for a muddy garden. They are so colorful, I just love them.

And, I want to show off a new goodie Chuck turned for me…it’s a “paper potter”, You use this little ditty to make paper pots for starter plants which can be placed directly into the ground. I have lots of seeds from Heirloom tomatoes to start and these little pots will be perfect. 🙂


8 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Very cool, I knew you could’nt resist those boots..:-)

  2. What brilliantly fun beautiful boots…yay..great color! Lovely macros!

  3. They won’t miss you coming in those boots!!! How cute!

    Never heard of a paper potter, but it’s a great idea. What kind of paper do you use to make the pots?

  4. Great lookin boots, I need me a pair too!! I have a paper pot maker. I used newspaper works real well..just watch so they don’t get too soggy..they work great to just transplant right into the soil:) Connie

  5. PLEASE,please,please tell me where I can get some of those boots! So groovy!

    Nifty potmaker! I’ve been meaning to get my husband to turn me one for years.

  6. If I had to go out in all of this mud, at least I would have happy feet! Ok, does the paper potter form pots for new plants or how does it work???

  7. now you can play in the mud all you like 🙂
    i like them very much

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