In Like A Lamb!!

I’m sure all you have heard the old addage, “In like a lamb, Out like a lion”..well yesterday was very cloudy and overcast, but reasonably calm, and today is very calm, not even a breeze, BUT, we got snow again!!! Fluffy like a lamb! We have lived here in East Tennessee for four and a half years now, and usually only get one snowfall a year, so this has been a treat for us. But, I am truely ready for Spring, and anxious to put in my garden. I’m dreaming about heirloom tomatoes.

Ed’s truck

Ed headed up the mountain right after breakfast to take pictures of the snow. There will be much more at the higher elevation.
I hope you all are having a good day. 🙂


8 Responses to “In Like A Lamb!!”

  1. I always heard it as roars in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. My birthday is the 31st of the month so I was always hoping for a pretty-lamb-like day on the 31st. Beautiful pictures, Di. Made me shiver. LOL

  2. IT came in like a lamb here too but I’m hoping it goes out the same and not roaring like a lion. Hope Ed stays dry 😉

  3. Willow Witch Says:

    Ya, I bet you made him one of those GOOD breakfast’s too….. makes me drool…

  4. Yes she did WW, and it was FANTASTIC!! Great shots mom..:-)

  5. Very pretty but I have to say I am totally sick of the snow. I feel like I live and breathe by the weather forecast these days. Looking forward to sunshine, bird songs, and flowers.

  6. Fluffy like a lamb 🙂

  7. Those are very pretty but they look cold too! Give me spring please.

  8. How cool….not the snow….bleh!….but there’s Ed’s truck!! It’s orange! I love the color orange! hehe!

    I bet he’s been eating good at home again 🙂


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