Sunday Stills Challenge – Hot Sauce & Salsa

This was a fun challenge, but of course they all are aren’t they? I think salsa is one of my all time most favorite things to eat. There was a time back 20 yrs ago when I was single and poor that I almost lived on Pace salsa and Dorito chips, but the good thing was, I lost over 40 lbs!! One of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies is to have a bit capsisum in our diet daily. Go Salsa!!

This one is homemade. Last year I made over 40 pints!

And these last shots were from our travels, all related to “hot sauce”.

The above two shots were taken at the original Tabasco plant on Avery Island, Louisiana.

The above are shots of Chili Pepper Ristas taken in La Mesilla, New Mexico.

This was lots of fun, now I’m hungary for chips and salsa and maybe a bowl of guac as well. GO COLTS!!


13 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Hot Sauce & Salsa”

  1. Very cool shots..GO SAINTS!!! 😉

  2. Superb post, Di!

    I just updated mine with my guacamole and salsa recipes. No Jalapeno for me. LOL

  3. Oh my, awesome pictorial!!
    I am “GOING” riding!

  4. Way to go girl!!! You’ve got a wonderful series of photos today! I especially like the chili ristas…nice!

  5. mmmmmmm salsa and doritors ❤ yum

  6. theegggather Says:

    Yummy! Great photos di – looks like your are ready to prepare some really delicious meals.

  7. theegggather Says:

    OH, yeah, Go Colts!

  8. Yes this was a fun one…My second visit to Louisiana was my first airplane flight — Great pictures –

  9. Yay Saints!!!!!
    I grew up in the Baltimore metro area. I have never forgiven the Colts for leaving Baltimore. haha!

    Your house is a heat/spice-friendly place. I could SO live there. And I love that your vacations are taken in places where hot and spicy things reside. I never thought to shoot a photo of the ristras here in New Mexico. Very clever!


  10. Go salsa! I made some yesterday. Thanks for coming by my blog.

  11. The salsa looks delicious! But it looks a little hot for me. I have very mild taste buds! lol I take a pint of mild! I loved the chili pepper pic!

  12. Your salsa looks really good. Do you share your recipes?


    PS Thanks for mailing my prize from Ed to me!

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