Macro Monday

Brrrrrr! It’s cold here, only 18 degrees. My macro choices for today make me think of the warmth of the desert and how I might really like to be back in Tucson this morning.

Cholla cactus spine

Howling coyote

Happy February, the month of love!


8 Responses to “Macro Monday”

  1. Very cool, love the coyote..:-)

  2. I wish I had some of the great things from the SW desert. I lived just north of Tucson at Marana for 2 years…loved that desert!

  3. oh yes, anything that makes me think the desart!

    Very cool!

  4. I hear they got some snow in the Tucson area during that snow last week. Crazy but true. lol!
    We’ve got way too many chollas out here. I’ve got a rain stick made out of one. Have you eve been close to one of those chollas that have small sections that will fall off or jump off onto you as you walk past? gah! They are terrible!


  5. I like the thought of heat and sun too.

  6. Willow Witch Says:

    I love all your south western stuff! You have such good taste.

  7. i will send you some sun! ❤

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