Sunday Stills – Textures

Here we go with a new round of textures. Nothing from the archieves here, all shot this morning. 🙂 Enjoy.

Hang in there gang Spring is just 48 days away. 🙂


13 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Textures”

  1. I really like your colorful basket shot! They look like fun baskets to use!

  2. Very nice, love the baskets..:-))

  3. Love the baskets!

  4. interesting selection – I like your large pottery jar.

  5. The baskets are indeed lovely, is the last one a fossil? Nice fabric on the first one.

  6. love them all! especially liked the pottery and the baskets. laughed about the potatoes!

  7. Baskets do it for me 😉 Good job!

  8. Love the color and texture of the baskets!

  9. your 3rd photo is very vibrant and uplighting, great choice

  10. Very nice I don’t have a favorite, I liked them all.

  11. WOW…Lovely! Liked all very much!!

  12. what is the last one? Some sort of a coral?

  13. I guess I’m one of those basket people…the colors are vibrant! Good choices for the challenge!

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