Sunday Stills Challenge – Moods Instilled in Others…

Boy this was a tough one as it’s really hard to predict what kind of a mood your picture might instill in another. I know the moods these following shots had on me, so lets see how they affected all of you.

I’m sorry this last shot is a bit fuzzy but I really liked the mood it presented. It made me smile. 🙂

I hope you all have a great week, and say a prayer for those poor souls in Haiti. It’s good to remember that there are others suffering more than ourselves in this great big world we live in. Love & Blessings to you ALL.


20 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Moods Instilled in Others…”

  1. Well done, cute pups always make me smile, the fog wraps me up and makes me feel secure and the bears , well, love of course..:-)

  2. You know, puppies always make me happy. No matter what the puppy looks like my soul just smiles!

    the fog makes me feel sleepy. Is that an emotion? Well its defiantly a mood.
    Great shots!

  3. 2, 3, and 4 are happy shots; the fog is kinda lonely with the birdfeeder and no birds and no sunshine. The frozen waterfall is a lovely shot, if I was standing next to it I’d feel awed.

  4. The third one makes me shiver and the dogs, well, dogs always give me happy feeling.

  5. the power of the water! good job!

  6. Awww, happy puppy faces always make me smile! The fog makes me want to curl up on the couch with a book. The ice and water are bone chilling, but gives amazement too. Don’t forget the “friendship” bears!

  7. The puppies and smooching bears bring a smile to my face.

    The night after Haiti’s tragedy, I suddenly remembered a brief neighbor of mine who was a nurse moved there about 20 years ago. I hope she is OK and able to help others.

    Have a good week, too!

  8. theegggather Says:

    The puppies make me feel happy and I LOVE the bears.

  9. Hmmm…great shots. Am I weird? The fog makes me feel gloomy. The puppies of course bring at happy and joy. The frozen stuff makes me feel cold and the bears are an ahhh cute moment.

  10. The first one makes me want to grab a good book and climb up in the rafters and have some quiet time. I love hanging out in old barns. 🙂 The doggies make me want to rub their heads. The icy waterfall is pretty, but looks so cold! And the kissing bears is very cute!

  11. GREAT CATCH on the first dog!!!

  12. very well done, it was a difficult task to try and get an emotion or mood out of someone other than yourself via a photograph but you did well 🙂

  13. The fog makes me feel that home is far away. The ice is beautiful. Puppies always make me laugh – they are always so happy to see you! the bears made me laugh!

  14. Regular Guy Says:

    the second shot, is happy and carefree. Nice pictures, hard and cold on that shot.

  15. Loved all your shots. Di. The pups made me laugh. The snow made me shiver.

  16. 1)makes me feel dreamy, introspective
    2)makes me feel joy
    3)makes me feel cold
    4)makes me feel sad and also nurturing
    5)makes me feel loved

    Great shot portraying emotions.


  17. I like the frozen waterfall. What a prettyp icture and it makes me smile to see of a cool picture.

    Dogs are cute, they get taken out to places

  18. Foggy and sleepy
    Happy!! What a cutie!!
    Lovey dovey:)

  19. Great post liked em all.

  20. I love them all and it depends on how the days going with what emotion they evoke, mostly a smile.

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