Sunday Stills Challenge – Food

It’s been a year since our last food challenge and I can’t even remember what I posted way back then. I began to archive pictures of dishes that I liked and wanted to save for future challenges, that is until my computer crashed several months ago and now I can’t access them. Oh well, I took a couple pictures this week of two of our favorites.

The first being my Mexican Hash and an absolute favorite of Ed’s when he is on his home visit. It is a cross between corned beef hash and huevos rancheros! Instead of corned beef I use chorizo, which kicks it up a notch or two, and I use a salsa verde (green sauce) instead of the red used in the huevos rancheros.

And this is my Good Luck Soup. It’s actually my cabbage soup and for good luck I added some black-eyed peas. Ever since I was a small child I remember the Polish side of my family saying we had to have cabbage for good luck on New Years, and then when we moved to Texas black-eyed peas were the tradition, so I combine them both. Lots of other yummy veggies in the soup as well, along with smoked sausage. Here it is.

Oh, and we can’t forget the cornbread. πŸ™‚

Looks like we are off and running into a new year of challenges by Ed. Hard to believe it is 2010!!


22 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Food”

  1. That is my kind of cooking! Happy New Year! I tried to post my link on the Sunday Stills site, but it never appeared. Here I am:


  2. Sorry to bother you on your site, but I don’t see any new comments on Sunday Stills and mine are not showing up for some reason. Wondering if something’s wrong with the site? ~Rhonda

  3. Boy, does that look good!

  4. have you ever made honey cornbread? Some person somewhere on some list was asking about it and I’ve never made it before.

  5. I always make cabbage soup………very similar to yours. The cornbread looks tasty too!

  6. You have got so serve cornbread with any type of stew or soup if you are a good southern woman….I learned that when I moved to NC…looks delicious!

  7. Happy New Year. I haven’t heard about cabbage for good luck, but that is where the saurkraut that we eat come from. Ed must love coming home when you’re cooking!

  8. Being of Polish lineage, I made braised red cabbage with apples, onion and fennel bulb for the New Year’s Eve dinner we attended. Both your dishes look yummy, I might try a vegetarian version of the first one, as I love spicy food and we have no lack of eggs around here!

  9. It all looks good but that cornbread has me almost drooling. I might have to pass on looking at everyone’s food challenges as my biggest challenge is to drop a pile of weight. MM MM Good.

  10. I think Ed needs a sister, don’t you? Won’t you please adopt me? I would like a permanent place at your table. hehe!

    Those two dishes are the exact type of food I love (minus the cheese. I know I’m weird. Loving Mexican food and not being able to eat cheese. lol!)

    I make our cornbread with green chile and corn, too. Ohh yummy!


  11. Sheesh…I’m gaining weight just looking at the photos!

  12. Oh, it ALL looks so delicious!!
    Hppy 2010

  13. Bet Ed can’t wait to get home after looking at all these photos! They made me hungry!

  14. Happy New Year! Love the innovation of recipes! Mexican hash sounds amazing!!
    Ed must be really lucky!


  15. Yeah, I’d call “foul” if I were Ed. No fair posting pics like those while he’s on the road. That cornbread looks amazing. And great shots too!

  16. Regular Guy Says:

    Looks very tasty. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  17. Happy New Year to you. Yum is all I can say πŸ™‚

  18. Great looking dishes that I’m sure taste just as well…and good pics of them too!!

  19. I’m sooooo homesick looking at that hash..:-)
    See ya soon…

  20. what time’s dinner, mum(?) πŸ˜‰

  21. The cornbead looks really yummy..great photos! Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

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