Sunday Stills – Technology

My thoughts on technology seem to go back a little further than most. The things that make our lives much easier. Most of the newer techno thingys I can do without, but I would be at a total loss without my computer, as it appears to be my lifeline with the rest of the world. 🙂 Here are a few shots of things that my my life a whole lot easier.

and last but not least, my lifeline…..

I hope you all have a super week as we are all preparing for the Christmas holiday. 🙂


18 Responses to “Sunday Stills – Technology”

  1. Ahhhh, the things we can’t live without…:-)

  2. Rhonda Stansberry Says:

    Yes, we often take many of these items for granted. I was telling my kids when we got our first microwave in the very early 80s and how big they were and expensive.

  3. Ah, morning coffee and the computer- what more could you need!

  4. I don’t take anything for granted, mostly because at one time or another something breaks and we go without it for so long that we are aware of how it makes our life easier and better. Like you, I could do without many things, but the computer wouldn’t be one of them!

  5. That is the trifecta in my house. The laptop. coffee and the TV on. Great Pictures.

  6. I couldn’t live without my coffee or computer either 😉

  7. Won’t we all look nifty in our rocking chairs at the old peoples’ home with our wireless laptops on our laps? LOL

    Totally relate to this post, Di. My laptop sits on the ottoman in front of my swivel rocker. If I’m sitting I usually have a book, my crocheting, or my laptop in my lap. It is definitely a lifeline.

  8. yep, I know everyone around me appreciates my coffee maker!

  9. I try really hard to keep my kitchen electronically gadget free since I only have one outlet – but it is difficult. and the new appliance are so fetching!

  10. Feel exactly like you about my computer: my lifeline. Life would be hard without it.
    Love your coffeemaker with the timer. Never seen one of those before.

  11. your coffee machine has an alarm clock! thats high tech stuff 🙂

  12. Those are all definitely things we don’t want to do without. I’m not quite sure how you find the Christmas lights my Mom sends it to me. Try – McMillan House – Christmas Lights. WMV. If that doesn’t work let me know I will e mail it to you. I have it saved….numerous times now.

  13. If you include digital cameras that pretty much sums up my favorite tech items. The only exception is I’ve traded the old Alkaline batteries for the superior Lithium ones.

  14. Nice job, like your thoughts on what has made life easier on us. The dog and skunk shot is a great one too.

  15. Excellent photos…excellent subjects!
    I like the photo you have for your desktop, too.


  16. Funny to think that the microwave really itsnt that old, huh…
    Maggie and the skunk killed me…sorry for the pun…. looks like two best buds having a nap…

  17. Great ideas! I laughed when I saw the batteries! How many of us don’t even think of the microwave or coffee pot anymore! I couldn’t live without those anymore either!

  18. Definitely can’t live without the coffee maker!

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