The Evidence!!

Yesterday I looked out and saw Maggie sunning herself in the yard, and noticed a blob of something by her side. I asked hubby if it was one of the blankets they keep pulling off the porch, and he said…nope, it’s a skunk!! Now she’s even bringing them home. YUK!!!


9 Responses to “The Evidence!!”

  1. Oh my!!! Not sure I’d want to clean that up. Did she get sprayed?

  2. Not sure that would want to clean it up either. Though at first glance I thought the skunk was relaxing with the dog…they look so much alike. LOL.

  3. O.K. thats wierd… Mags is trying to keep the other dogs at bay..:-)

  4. We had an English Cocker when I was growing up who would tangle with skunks in the woods. When he came home, Dad would douse him all over with tomato juice to remove the smell. It was AWFUL.

  5. Oh, wow! Just wow! Does she kill them or find them around?

  6. Aaak! I hope she doesn’t smell like one. Not an acceptable holiday odor at all!

  7. That smell is so hard to get rid of, I hope she didn’t get sprayed.

  8. has she passed out from the smell?

  9. gah! I would have ran into the house!
    Did the area…and Maggie smell like the skunk, too?

    She is one brave pooch, that’s for sure!


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