Sunday Stills – The Letter “T”

I hope you all had a super Thanksgiving and got your fill of turkey, and enjoyed the company of family and friends. Well, this week our challenge is the letter “T”. I love these letter challenges as they get the old mind really working. I had fun with with one. 🙂

Thanksgiving Turkey

Tops – these belonged to my husband’s father


Thickburger – I have to have one of these at least once a week!

Tape – several varieties

Tin Box – a special place my hubby keeps his greeting cards he’s received over the years.


23 Responses to “Sunday Stills – The Letter “T””

  1. Too many thick burgers and you won’t want to see the tape ;-). Love the tin box. Beautiful!

  2. That thick burger looks really good.

  3. I love those old tops! They sure wouldn’t interest kids nowadays, would they!The tin box is really neat, and how special that he keeps his cards- a softy at heart!

  4. Particularly like the tops and topiary – very creative! And thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Rhonda Stansberry Says:

    Beautiful tops! Loved the topiary too! In fact, I loved it all. That burger looks delicious!

  6. Fantastic!!! You got me this week…:-))

  7. Very cool. The tops are neat something I haven’t seen for a long time. Nice post.

  8. Oh my word that burger is making me hungry!

  9. lol! You did a turkey…but it was better because you photographed a whole bin of ’em! Love it!
    And those tops are so cool. What special things to have, too. I like that tin box, especially, with the horse on top. But I’m diggin’ that topiary! So wicked! And what’s inside the ‘nest’? A baby dragon? A skeleton?

    And bring on the onion rings! Love ’em!


  10. Great collection for the theme! I love the topiary! Beautiful!

  11. The topiary made me smile! What a lovely tin box, too! Good job!

  12. I love the old tops, I haven’t seen one of those in YEARS!

  13. Great ideas! I love the idea of the tapes! That is neat that your husband has a special box for cards. What a dear! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’m excited to be finding the time to take lots of pictures!

  14. I love the tin box and the tops!

  15. i always put Topiary trees in my sims gardens 🙂
    these are wonderful diane

  16. Great “T” shots, Di. I really love that box. 🙂

  17. What a big turkey, how many persons did you feed? You make a great teacher with all the T words.

  18. Very nice… We did have a great Turkey day, hope you did too!

    Love that dragon….

  19. I love the tops too! Great T’s:)

  20. Great pics! The topiary is really cool! Someone spent quite a bit of time on that one.

  21. Hi hun,

    Loved the pics – the tin looks wonderful..A great place to store precious memories 🙂

    Sue 🙂

  22. I am so in love with the cute dragon topiary!

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