Sunday Stills Challenge – Horses

I know that this weeks challenge will be a breeze for most of our members, and I thought it would be for me as well. And, it would have been had it not been for Mother Nature. The beginning of last week was very rainy and that’s when I had the time to go out and run up and down our country roads looking for horses. I knew where a couple of patures were and I thought this would be a breeze for me as well, but I guess not, and they all seemed to be in hiding..probably didn’t like the rain either. I was able to fulfill my challenge, but these poor guys wouldn’t win any beauty contest. I felt sorry for them all.

And finally these guys who were in a different spot, and high and dry, but I felt Mama needed a bit of weight on her.

I hope you all have a nice week ahead and a very Happy Thanksgiving. πŸ™‚


23 Responses to “Sunday Stills Challenge – Horses”

  1. Nice hillbilly horses..:-))

  2. Rhonda Stansberry Says:

    You got some nice shots here! How’s the weather in east Tennessee? I’m heading that way for Thanksgiving and I’m always amazed in the difference in temperatures from the middle TN area going east.

  3. Nice pics, but that poor mare on the bottom sure needs some groceries.

  4. Nice Photos, and your right someone needs to feed that one horse.

  5. The last shot is a little disturbing, perhaps her owner needs a visit from the SPCA. Love the stoic look of the horse in the first shot.

  6. I should probably keep my big mouth shut but I can’t. Before I say anymore I want to say first ,there could be circumstances other than the obvious. She could have people that don’t know how to take care of her. ( Which would still fall under the category of abuse, stupidity is no excuse)She could have been sick and is recovering. Although I do see some green in that pasture it does not appear to be enough to sustain this animal without other sources of food. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that mare looks abused and someone needs to report it to the Animal Protection Service to make sure that isn’t what is going on. I blieve in erring on the side of the animal I would rather be wrong than do nothing.If I am mistaken and there is something else going on I apologize for my input.

  7. Glad to see you were able to find some horses, although I’m sure the healthier ones were probably in a barn somewhere.

  8. Agree on the last shot. Looks like a mare and foal. The horse should NEVER be in that kind of condition, lactating or not.

  9. I like the one of the horses together eatingn hay, and I’m laughing at Ed calling them hillbilly horses. I guess kind of they are. It also looks like you started a heated discussion on horse health.

    A happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope Ed will be home to enjoy with you all! Stay warm and dry!

  10. You got a good assortment of horse photos! The first one indeed looks muddy so lots of rain I’d guess. The poor mare in the last shot…I do hope her owners are taking care of her. I’d be inclined to drive by again to check on her. As it’s been said in previous comments there could be reasons for her being so thin. I do hope they are feeding her more than just the grass.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sandy “From the Heart of Texas”

  11. Thanks for stopping by – you did well under challenging conditions! Very sorry to see the emaciated mare – hope something can be done for her.

  12. Horses get sick, just like humans. Hopefully that is what occurred and she’s going to do better. Wouldn’t hurt to ask the Humane Society to do a drive by.

    Loved the pictures, Di. Especially the second and third shots of the faces close up. They are such beautiful animals. πŸ™‚

  13. A little dab of water would clean up those horses. Besides the skinny one, you did great with your shots!

    Happy Thanksgiving, too, and I am not cooking!

  14. i like your angles in these photos, you found lovely horseys to share with us

  15. Nice photos!! I love the lighting. πŸ™‚

    Poor mama, somebody really needs to take care of her. I agree with the other commenters, I would probably drive by once or twice more to see if her condition improves or worsens, and possibly call y’all’s ASPCA or Humane Society or something.

  16. A for effort. We had lots of rain last weekend too. I think it finally stopped around last Sunday. That Mare (I’m going by what everyone else said, no horse expert here) could use some oats and apples. I like the group picture.

    • I agree. I’m thinking about reporting her to the horse rescue group. She has lots of hay right out of view in the shot, but she could use some oats. πŸ™‚

  17. Poor mare. My neighbor’s mare had a foal this summer and she was never that thin. She has been fat and sassy the entire time. That mare needs at least 200 lbs of weight put back on her. She may need dental work. Horses need their teeth floated every year so the sharp jagged points and hooks don’t prevent them from eating while they cause the horse pain as they try to chew.She might also have worms that are stealing all her nutrition. Horses must be wormed at least every 6-8 weeks.

    Poor thing. If it were me, and I’ve done this before because of supposed neglect, I would contact the local Livestock Board. They are usually in charge of situations like this. Very sad.

    But your photos turned out wonderful, even the muddy horses. My mare loves to roll in the mud and I laugh and call her a ‘muddy puppy’. She’s rather cute, if not a mess, when she’s all muddy. lol!

  18. Oh! And I just clicked on your pics to biggefy and noticed the hay pile the group of horses are sharing in that second to the last photo (Is that the hay that the mare has access to?). That hay looks horrible! It is brown and old looking. Looks like it’s something that cattle would be fed. Cattle quality hay doesn’t have enough nutrition for horses. The other horses in that second to the last photo also look thin, too. Several of them, I can see their tailbones sticking up and their spines…and their hips! Too thin. And they look like they have wormy bellies as well.
    Oh this is very sad.

    I hope you are able to get those horses some help soon.


  19. Great pics! This is definitely the season of mud for us too. Scraping it off is pretty much a daily thing since Jet and Zip like to wallow in it.

    The last mare does need some groceries and I hope that someone does something to help her going into winter. Regardless of how she got that way, she’s going to have a hard time when it gets colder.

  20. You did a good job under horrible conditions and maybe the real reason Ed come up with this challenge was so you’d find that mare and make sure she got some help before the really nasty weather moves in. Sad sigh. I agree with everyone else. Better to err on the side of the horse. She’s not just a little thin.

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